DekkoVault eliminates the risks of unsecured and manual workflows

Protect your data with ultra-secure cloud-based sharing and collaboration

The DekkoVault Toolkit

Ultra-secure file sharing and storage

File sharing with no size limits

Link free sharing without password management

Project groups with granular visibility controls

Ultra-secure document signing and approval

Fully integrated confidential e-signatures

Comprehensive audit trails with external document validation

Annotate documents with text, images, notes and e-signatures

Ultra-secure email and chat

No attachment file size limit

Auditable and exportable chat logs

End-to-end encrypted, 1:1 and in groups

The DekkoVault platform enables ultra-secure sharing and collaboration. Everything on the platform is end-to-end-encrypted and guarantees zero knowledge, data sovereignty, authentication, authorisation and comprehensive auditability.

DekkoHub™ is a proprietary project management tool with leading-edge security and auditability. Manage confidential files and communications with access from authorised parties only, and detailed control that removes human error and cyber risk.
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Secure Your Workflow
Collaborate with ease

Ensure auditability

Endorsed by experts

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Endorsed by experts

Dekko, an Australian security company, has taken a global lead. Perfecting their products through a comprehensive, independent testing program demonstrates clear confidence and commitment to delivering the best practice security products to the market.”

Matt Tett / Managing Director, Enex TestLab

Why do our customers choose Dekko?

DekkoSecure enables our customers to feel secure knowing that in the event of a cyber attack, their data is rendered unreadable and unusable. Avoiding any disruption to business or reputational damage.