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The world’s most secure way to connect and collaborate at work.

End-to-end encryption


The Dekko platform (DekkoVault + DekkoLynx) secures video conferences, files, messages, and document approval flows using true end-to-end encryption. All content is completely inaccessible to Dekko infrastructure or staff – only you and whoever you collaborate with will ever be able to access your communications. 


All key generation and exchange processes are handled by the web application on the client side transparently to users. This means that Dekko makes highly sophisticated secure communication tools available to anyone, not just security experts.


The specifics:


Dekko utilises proven, industry standard cryptography. Elliptic curve 256-bit encryption (secp256r1) for keys and AES for the file, message, and video conference media end-to-end encryption and SHA384 digital signatures. Client communications are secured with HSTS.


Please contact us about our independent testing report by Enex TestLab to learn more about collaboration security in DekkoVault and DekkoLynx.

Hosting and sovereignty


Dekko is a managed cloud service with multiple options for data sovereignty. DekkoLynx offers data sovereignty in Australia, The Netherlands, The United States, and India. At present DekkoVault offers data sovereignty in Australia.


The specifics:


Microsoft Azure is used in a high-availability configuration (Sydney and Melbourne Regions) to deliver the Dekko platform, store DekkoVault content and store all platform account data. DekkoLynx fully encrypted conference media is routed using Oracle Cloud and regions are selectable during and after account registration. The Australian Oracle Cloud sovereignty option uses a high-availability configuration (Sydney and Melbourne Regions).

Please refer to the Microsoft and Oracle pages to learn more about their compliance offerings and contact us to discuss hosting and data sovereignty options.

Web-based application


Dekko is a web application that it designed to be accessible for anyone, anywhere. It does not require desktop clients or browser extensions to run, so getting started as a corporate team or inviting external parties to collaborate is quick and easy. The only permissions required are for your browser to be able to access your webcam and microphone.


The specifics:


Dekko officially supports Chromium-based web browsers such as Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. Version 83 or higher is required for Chrome and Edge to host and participate in DekkoLynx meetings.


DekkoLynx is a WebRTC application with integrated client-side end-to-end encryption to facilitate truly private video conferences.

Accounts & authentication

Dekko supports Azure Active Directory integration for easy Single Sign-On authentication using customer’s AD or any other supported SSO method for corporate implementations. 'Personal' Dekko accounts are registered using your email address via our sign-up page for non-corporate use or for the external users. Account passwords do not leave the client’s device and are never sent to the Dekko’s backend or any other party. Optionally, two-factor authentication (TOTP 2FA) can be set up for extra account protection.


DekkoVault’s encryption and digital signatures guarantee that all files, messages, and document approval flows are performed without being intercepted or altered. DekkoLynx’s encryption and access control guarantee that all video conferences will not be intercepted or be able to be joined by uninvited parties. 


The specifics:


Users external to an AAD-integrated organisation do not need to be in a common AAD to internals (or any other AAD) - any mix of users from different organisations with different authentication methods can interact freely on Dekko. If your organisation starts off using personal logins and chooses the move to AAD authentication, all files, messages, conferences, and contacts are migrated automatically!


All content on Dekko is encrypted end-to-end and digitally signed ensuring that it can never be altered or read by anyone that isn't meant to.

Audit logging


The Dekko system maintains an immutable audit log that is customer-accessible to keep track of your organisation's interactions on Dekko. This log persists through file and message deletion to ensure long-term accountability and historical access.


The specifics:


Auditing in Dekko keeps track of:

•  File upload, share, and versioning

•  Document approval request, notation, and completion

•  Message send, receive, and read

•  Video conference schedule, start and end

•  Group creation and administration activities


Dekko is SIEM integration ready using the standard Syslog interface to enable even more powerful logging capability. Applications such as Splunk are seamlessly connected and administered.