DekkoSecure's solutions are designed with security, compliance and independent verification at their core.

To request any compliance or certification, please get in touch with our sales team using the Sales enquiry page.

IRAP compliance

DekkoSecure has completed an IRAP assessment at the PROTECTED level against the Information Security Manual (ISM) released in December 2021 with our Australian compliance partner Sekuro.


Penetration testing

The DekkoSecure platform undergoes regular penetration testing. The latest test was performed by UpCyber.




Claims testing

The DekkoSecure platform undergoes regular claims testing. The latest test was performed by the renowned Australian security research firm Enex TestLab, verifies all public claims regarding the DekkoSecure platform's security capability.




Hosting compliance

DekkoSecure for Government and Law Enforcement utilises the Microsoft Azure Australia East region for Australian customers, Canada Central region for Canadian customers and US East for United States customers, all with triple data centre HA redundancy. More sovereignty options are available for Europe and Asia. DekkoSecure for Health is hosted in MS Azure Australia East region with local redundancy. All DekkoSecure Meetings conference traffic is routed using Oracle Cloud Sydney region. All cloud infrastructure utilised by DekkoSecure for Australian customers is IRAP-PROTECTED assessed (ref: Azure, Oracle).

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