Finally, the totally secure way to share, store and collaborate in the cloud

Your data can never be accessed by unauthorised and unintended parties.

Five powerful tools on one secure platform

Protect your entire collaboration workflow with a single-minded approach to security.

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Share sensitive and confidential files of any file size and type with full control over who can access them.




Sign and send document approval requests with guaranteed authenticity and a complete audit trail.




Collaborate on documents, spreadsheets, and presentations in real-time with multiple parties without risk of data breaches and unauthorised access.


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Send and share confidential messages, with guaranteed protection against misaddressing, phishing, and interception.




Host and record confidential meetings that protect your most sensitive discussions guaranteeing no unauthorised access to the video or shared files.


The global leader in data protection

Developed for organisations that require the highest level of data security, the DekkoSecure platform guarantees:

  • Secure file sharing
  • Secure file collaboration
  • Secure cloud file storage

DekkoSecure is used by the most security-conscious government, law enforcement and defence organisations globally.

Ease of use removes barriers to compliance while military grade encryption and unique security features ensure complete security and privacy during sharing and collaboration.
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Endorsed by government and trusted by the most security-conscious organisations globally

Government and
Law Enforcement

Efficiently share classified and sensitive documents with guaranteed security.

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Government Contractors and Defence Primes

Fully protect shared and stored intellectual property and controlled information.

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Psychologists and Healthcare Professionals

Protect the confidentiality of your patient records and communications.

Critical Infrastructure Organisations

Securely share confidential information with zero risk of unauthorised access.

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Zero Knowledge and Zero Trust

Zero Knowledge and Zero Trust guarantees no unauthorised party can access your data

Our secure-by-design protocols guarantee that no one can access your data without your explicit authorisation. Not even us. All data on the platform is end-to-end encrypted and can only be accessed by intended, verified, and authorised recipients.

Safely share, sign and collaborate inside and outside your organisation

Our ultra secure cloud-based platform features a unique end-to-end encryption and key management system which means:

  • No need for third-party integrations
  • No requirement for security expertise
  • No unauthorised decryption
Safely share, sign and collaborate
Easy-to-use platform

An easy-to-use all-in-one platform that manages your entire workflow

Our state-of-the-art end-to-end encrypted platform is 5 tools in 1 that guarantee your security end-to-end. Because everything happens within one secure platform, you’ll benefit from:

  • Significantly reduces human error
  • Comprehensive audit trails
  • No third-party integrations means no security risks

Maintain control and meet industry compliance with Data Sovereignty

Ensure your confidential data is stored in the jurisdiction of your choice, using highly resilient and compliant cloud infrastructure.


What our customers are saying

Dekko has a very strong encryption focus, a user friendly gateway and we can send large files securely without breaching IT security rules. It replaced a very manual and time consuming process using FTP encryption and keys.

There are many solutions enabling quick data transfers, but they lack transparency and auditability. And they don’t have a security-first design. For us, auditability is the key feature with Dekko eSignatures, that others don’t allow for.

Dekko file sharing is a great asset for us - a must-have. Providing my clients with end to end security and audit trails is a key identifier. Within our organisation, we do have workarounds, but Dekko file sharing is push button easy to deploy & use.

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Discover the most secure way to share, store and collaborate in the cloud

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