Protect the confidentiality of your patient records and communications

No need to install software

One interface, easy to use

No need for IT support

Trusted by government and the most security-conscious organisations globally

The health sector is the most vulnerable to a data breach due to human error and cyber crime.

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Manage all confidential patient communications on one platform

Protect your patient data and files ethically and responsibly without file size limits

DekkoSecure provides file sharing without file size limits and patient files and records will remain safe until you choose to delete them. You can confidentially share patient data and files with authorised and verified recipients, while maintaining control of the files and how they are accessed.

No file size limits

Unlimited folder structures

Custom permissions and access expiry

In-app content viewing

Easy-to-use, all-in-one platform that requires no IT support or the downloading of any software

DekkoSecure state-of-the-art platform is cloud-based with data stored in a jurisdiction of your choice. The all inclusive platform is accessible via any web browser which means there is no need to download or install software. Our unique encryption key management system removes the need for any IT management or support.

You have total control over who sees your shared patient files

DekkoSecure keeps sensitive information safe via end-to-end encryption, locked-down invite only hubs and granular permissions that let you decide who has access to your patient data and files.

Prevent misaddressing

Control visibility and access

Segregate client relationships

Instant invite and registration system

What our customers say about us

I would definitely recommend DekkoSecure for Healthcare to a colleague or friend as a safe and easy way to protect shared data.

Discover totally secure large file transfer and patient data protection designed for healthcare professionals

Work in the safest way possible with one easy-to-use, all-in-one platform that keeps all your patient’s data 100% safe