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If you are a current user and need urgent support, please use our friendly Chat Assistant to submit a request.

To learn more about compliance, you can check out our Compliance page.

Alternatively, you can contact us at

If you would like to know more about the platform, please check our Knowledge Base, which contains comprehensive documentation for almost any subject or query regarding the use of the DekkoSecure platform. Please check these before submitting a support request via the support widget.

Knowledge Base topics:


Organisation Management

Sharing and Requests

Managing Your Account (incl. 2FA)

Tips and Troubleshooting

Technical References

Support FAQ:

Where do I log in?

Australian government and industry -
Canadian government and industry -
United States government and industry -
Healthcare professionals -

Do I need to install anything / is there a DekkoSecure app?

DekkoSecure is a web-based application that is accessed via the URLs listed above. There is no ‘desktop’ or installable version of the application.

I need an account to receive files / How do I get access?

DekkoSecure for Government and Law Enforcement is invite-only. If you are expecting to receive content make sure you have been sent an invite to create an account. Self-sign up is available if you are looking for DekkoSecure for Healthcare Professionals.

To inquire about obtaining a DekkoSecure for Government and Law Enforcement subscription for your organisation please use the contact form.

I've forgotten my password / I'm having trouble with 2FA

Passwords - use the recovery link on your log in page (URLs above) to recover your account. If you have a trusted user set they will be able to reset your password. Otherwise, please use the support widget.

2FA - if you have a new phone please follow these steps to transfer your 2FA token, or if you have lost your phone please contact your DekkoSecure administrator. Otherwise, please use the support widget.

If you use the corporate log in function please contact your organisation's IT support department. DekkoSecure is not able to reset passwords or 2FA for corporate log in users.