We worry about the security of your shared, confidential information...so you don’t have to!

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We are a team of cyber security professionals with many years of experience developing secure file sharing and collaboration solutions. We work tirelessly to ensure your shared confidential and sensitive information is never compromised. All our solutions are built with security at the core.

We believe that technology should not only be highly secure, it should be easy to use, easy to deploy, and intuitive. We have proven solutions to meet your most stringent security requirements.

Our security starts where our competitors' file sharing and collaboration solutions stop. 

About DekkoSecure

DekkoSecure is the developer of a military grade, end-to-end encrypted platform specifically designed for highly security conscious organizations and law enforcement agencies concerned about the inefficiencies and real security risks of continuing to use USB’s, email, FTP, and other outdated methods to share sensitive data both within and between agencies.

Our browser-based platform allows you to transfer files of unlimited size easily and securely with a complete audit trail. It is widely used for sharing digital forensics and digital surveillance products, evidence / operational briefs, and discovery packages.

Additionally, the platform’s file collaboration, live editing, and e-Signature tools are used for collaboration on affidavits, warrants, contracts, and operational documents.


World Leading Security

Engineered for government and enterprise by some of the best minds in cybersecurity, we build innovative, intuitive applications that set a new standard in privacy. All DekkoSecure products offer industry-leading end-to-end encryption, meaning your content can never be altered or accessed.

The DekkoSecure Promise

DekkoSecure is a proudly Australian owned and operated technology company chosen by the world's most security conscious organizations. We guarantee that everything that happens on our platform is ultra-confidential, authenticated, auditable and authorized.


Secure by Design


Zero Trust


End-to-End Encryption


Zero Knowledge Security Model


Data Sovereignty

"One of our high profile government customers replaced 300,000 USB’s with the DekkoSecure platform. The overall cost savings, increased productivity and elevated security were impossible to ignore."

Trusted by the World’s Most Security Conscious Organizations

The safest and most efficient way to share, sign and collaborate