The only guaranteed secure file transfer and collaboration solution for government contractors

Protect your IP and customer data from any unauthorised access with the world's most secure file-sharing platform

Zero Knowledge military grade encryption and security

Purpose-built for Defence Primes and Sub Primes

IRAP assessed to PROTECTED level, CMMC, ISO, ITAR and FIPS ready

Are your government contractor solutions IRAP assessed, totally secure and guarantee efficient sharing and collaboration?

3 red flags that put you at risk

red flag

Your organisation is still managing secure systems and tools in-house.

red flag

You find it difficult to keep up with constantly evolving and sophisticated cyber threats.

red flag

Implementing the right software updates to protect from vulnerabilities is complex and time-consuming.

DekkoSecure is a single, secure-by-design platform that enables defence primes to share and collaborate in the cloud with guaranteed data privacy

DekkoSecure's secure-by-design platform offers secure file transfer for government contractors. With end-to-end military grade encryption, no unauthorised party can ever access your confidential and sensitive data or IP.

Managed service

The DekkoSecure infrastructure is managed by a team of security experts, ensuring it is always up to date with zero risk and zero downtime.

Zero Knowledge

Only verified users can ever see or share the data or messages you store in the platform. Not even IT administrators or DekkoSecure can access your content.


The cloud delivers seamless collaboration and file sharing that is more secure and cost-effective than managing tools in-house.

Data Sovereignty

The DekkoSecure platform and all data on it is hosted in a jurisdiction of your choice, using highly resilient and compliant cloud infrastructure.

Fully compliant

DekkoSecure is run on Microsoft Azure, which is fully ISO, ITAR and FIPS accredited.

Keep your content safe from everyone - even DekkoSecure

Unlike competing platforms, DekkoSecure is a true file sharing platform, rather than a file sending platform. All content exchanges take place on the platform with no reliance on third-party mediums or add-ons.

Zero Knowledge protocols are built into DekkoSecure’s collaboration features, ensuring that all exchanges are tamper-proof. Users’ private keys are protected by their password, which the system does not know, so users can always be confident that their information is protected from unauthorised access.

The DekkoSecure collaboration platform protects client information using end-to-end military grade encryption (E2EE). All content is encrypted on the sender's device and decrypted on the recipient’s device so that no third party can access it (including DekkoSecure).

Five powerful tools on one secure platform

Protect your entire collaboration workflow with a single-minded approach to security.



Share sensitive and confidential files securely internally and outside your organisation.

Untitled design


Sign legally-binding documents with complete audit trail.



Live edit documents with multiple parties in real time.



Communicate with end-to-end encrypted mail in total privacy.

Video Conferencing-1


Video conference with guaranteed security and privacy.

Trusted by the most security-conscious organisations globally

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