How to Videos

These videos will show you how to register for DekkoLynx and DekkoVault, schedule a conference, share content and sign documents. For detailed guides please visit our documentation pages



Register for DekkoVault

Accepting a DekkoVault registration invite is straightforward and fast. Make sure you have the Microsoft Authenticator app installed on your phone for two-factor authentication setup.

Download, Upload, Share

Quickly download, upload and share content of any file type and size. DekkoVault lets you collaborate on sensitive documents without the need to worry about managing security.

Prepare for Approvals

DekkoVault stores your signature on your account securely, meaning you can approve documents by auto-filling your  signature, name, dates and more in seconds.

Approve a Document

Document approval in DekkoVault takes place in your web browser, protecting content from being downloaded with no need for additional desktop applications.



Get Ready for DekkoLynx

DekkoLynx runs on modern frameworks that enable the world's first browser-based encrypted video conferencing app. Make sure you're up to date for seemless, risk-free meetings online.

Account Creation

Want to host your own encrypted meetings? DekkoLynx sign up takes less than a minute, is free, and doesn't require a credit card. Paid licences let you host longer meetings and manage your team.

Register via Invite

Have you been invited to a DekkoLynx video conference? Follow this video guide to make sure you have an account and set the right permissions.

Schedule a Conference

Scheduling a secure video conference couldn't be easier. Simply sign up and schedule a meeting, and DekkoLynx handles the rest.