Ultra secure document signing and validation

DekkoSecure’s eSignature solution is the only one that is secured by end-to-end encryption, guaranteeing the highest level of security for signing confidential documents.

Ensure your signed documents are never stolen or sent to unauthorized parties

Secure documents like legally binding court documents, sensitive reports, and contract agreements require the highest level of security at every stage of the workflow. The DekkoSecure cloud-based platform ensures confidential documents can be signed and shared with a guaranteed chain of custody and non-repudiation.

End-to-end Encrypted-2

End-to-end encrypted secure eSignature

Fully secured eSignatures require access control and end-to-end encryption. Access to files and their markup is restricted to the file owner and the intended approver unless the approver explicitly grants access to others.

Shared documents and all elements added to them (signatures, text, watermarks, etc.) are encrypted end-to-end.

Zero Knowledge Security Model

The combination of DekkoSecure’s unique Zero Knowledge Security Model incorporating end-to-end encryption means only recipients that are verified and authorized can access your data and collaborate securely, quickly and easily.

Unauthorized parties can never access the data. Not even us.

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Visibility and permission controls-2

Visibility and permission controls

DekkoSecure's eSignature tool allows authorized users and groups of users to track and audit the progress of document approval workflows.

Our eSignature solution guarantees authenticity, authorization and auditability of document approvals and complete control of access.

The industry’s most secure document signing tool

No unauthorized access

DekkoSecure encrypts eSignature and approval files, ensuring end-to-end security throughout the approval process.

No downtime

DekkoSecure is a fully-managed service available 24x7 on triple-redundant infrastructure.

No learning curve

DekkoSecure is intuitive and easy to use meaning minimal user training and high user compliance.

No third-party services

All content is shared within our web-based platform. No need to download or install anything.

Benefit from DekkoSecure’s military grade security capabilities and features

Secure workspaces for eSignature progress management

Easy signature creation


Zero Knowledge Security Model

Zero Trust

Transparent key management

Data Sovereignty

Hosted on Microsoft Azure triple-redundant cloud

External document validation/verification

Thousands of users globally trust DekkoSecure's secure document signing solution

Dekko has a very strong encryption focus, a user friendly gateway and we can send large files securely without breaching IT security rules. It replaced a very manual and time consuming process using PTP encryption and keys.

There are many solutions enabling quick data transfers, but they lack transparency and auditability. And they don’t have a security-first design. For us, auditability is the key feature with Dekko eSignatures, that others don’t allow for.

Dekko file sharing is a great asset for us - a must-have. Providing my clients with end to end security and audit trails is a key identifier. Within our organisation, we do have workarounds, but Dekko file sharing is push button easy to deploy & use.

And endorsed by independent digital security experts

Dekko has taken a global lead by perfecting their products through a comprehensive, independent testing program demonstrates clear confidence and commitment to delivering the best practice security products to the market.

Discover our military grade secure document signing solution

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