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Securely share & store sensitive documents and data in minutes.

DekkoPro protects your company’s sensitive data and documents with zero-knowledge and military grade end-to-end encryption in one easy to use online platform.

Start sharing securely in minutes.
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At Dekko, we believe nobody should have access to your documents and data but you.
That is why we've built the world's most secure platform for sharing and storing sensitive documents and data.

Every person or platform that has access to your documents and data poses a third-party risk.

Cyber-attacks and even unintended data breaches can have irrecoverably devastating consequences on your organization's finances, legal compliance and reputation.

With DekkoPro, nobody but you and the intended receiver has access to your data and documents. Our zero knowledge privacy measures ensure that nobody, not even Dekko, has access to your data.

Collaborate effortlessly and eliminate human error, knowing that you’re protected by an ultra-secure platform.
DekkoPro is an ultra-secure data sharing and collaboration platform, built with the most stringent cyber security in mind for government departments and enterprises.


Share Securely in Minutes

Easy-to-use app that requires no learning curve or dependency on the IT team.


File Size

Send large documents and data in one single file transfer.


Peace of

With end-to-end encryption and zero knowledge and zero trust, only your intended recipients will ever have acces to your documents and data.

Our military grade cybersecurity platform is designed for and used by...

DekkoPro for Researchers


DekkoPro for Healthcare


DekkoPro for IT Professionals

IT Professionals

DekkoPro for Financial Services

Financial Services

DekkoPro for Law Firms

Law Firms

How to Securely Send
Documents and Data With DekkoPro

Try for free

Create your account for free and receive instant access to our easy-to-use secure sending platform without downloading or installing any unnecessary apps.

Store Your Documents Securely

Add your sensitive documents and data to the platform while maintaining complete data sovereignty by keeping your documents in the jurisdiction of your choice with Microsoft Azure.

Stay 100% Compliant

Protect your organisation with an ASD 8 ready platform that meets the highest levels of compliance.

Collaborate With Confidence

Easily invite team members onto the platform and collaborate with ultra-secure email, chat and video conferencing features.

Improve Efficiency and Grow Your Business

Share sensitive documents and data more quickly and efficiently throughout your organization and grow with confidence, knowing your data and valuable IP is secure.

Securely eSign Confidential Documents and Data

Keep key contracts moving forward with a fully integrated, confidential and legally binding eSignatures feature.

With No File Size Limits

Collaborate quickly and effectively on large documents and data sets without any restrictions.

Send Your Document Securely

Using the highest grade of end-to-end encryption, our zero knowledge and zero trust platform ensures only those authorized can access your data and documents.

Organizations of all sizes across the globe trust Dekko

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Endorsed by digital security experts.

Dekko has taken a global lead by perfecting their products through a comprehensive, independent testing program demonstrates clear confidence and commitment to delivering the best practice security products to the market.

DekkoPro’s security features start where the other popular platforms stop.


Every file, document. message or video conference on the DekkoPro platform is completely protected by using a unique key combination and unbreakable encryption (E2EE). The advanced technology integrated into the Dekko platform ensures that the keys are managed invisibly at all times. This guarantees that only registered and verified users have access to the shared data.
DekkoPro guarantees Zero Trust, meaning all users are authenticated, authorized, and continuously validated for security configuration and posture before being granted or retaining access to applications and data.

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No License Required for External Users orange-tick grey-tick grey-tick grey-tick
Unlimited File Versioning orange-tick grey-cross grey-cross grey-tick
DekkoPro is easy to use and deploy without any security training and does not require complex IT administration.
Other file sharing platforms do not have this built in, sophisticated technology meaning that access to your data is not restricted to the recipient. In fact, most users of these popular platforms, are unaware that the platform provider has access to your data at all times. Your account is password protected, but your valuable data is not protected!  In the case of a breach or a bug your data is highly vulnerable.

There are some things you can’t afford to risk.
Your cyber security is one of them.

Experience ultra secure file sharing, collaboration and streamlined workflow management using military-grade encryption now.