The Most Secure Way to Share.

Securely share & store sensitive documents and data in minutes.

DekkoPro protects your company’s sensitive data and documents with zero-knowledge and military grade end-to-end encryption in one easy to use online platform.

Start sharing securely in minutes

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Organisations of all sizes across the globe trust Dekko

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DekkoPro users enjoy increased productivity with leading-edge security.

DekkoPro's ultra-secure data sharing and collaboration platform for government departments and enterprises is now available to all security conscious businesses.

Whether you are collaborating on confidential M&A transactions, sharing highly valuable medical research documents, or processing sensitive legal documents, DekkoPro is easy to use and allows you to work with greater confidence and with optimal productivity.

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Proven Protection

Independently tested and verified by Deloitte and Enex Test Labs.

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Secure Hosting

DekkoPro is hosted on Microsoft Azure with a compliance-centric configuration.

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End-to-end encrypted

Guaranteed content security, privacy, integrity.

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ASD Essential 8 Ready

Help protect your organisation by adopting technologies that are compliant.


Ultra-secure file sharing and collaboration.

  • File sharing with no size limits
  • Link-free sharing without password management
  • Project groups with granular visibility controls
  • No downloading or installation of apps necessary

Ultra-secure eSignatures and document approval.

  • Fully integrated, confidential and legally binding e-signatures
  • Comprehensive audit trails with external document validation and clear chain of custody
  • Annotate and mark up documents with text, images, notes and e-signatures

Ultra-secure email and chat.

  • No attachment file size limit
  • Auditable and exportable chat logs
  • Read notifications and true revoke
  • End-to-end encrypted, 1:1 and in groups

When data security is critical, Dekko is trusted by governments and enterprises across the globe...

Dekko has a very strong encryption focus, a user friendly gateway and we can send large files securely without breaching IT security rules. It replaced a very manual and time consuming process using PTP encryption and keys.

There are many solutions enabling quick data transfers, but they lack transparency and auditability. And they don’t have a security-first design. For us, auditability is the key feature with Dekko eSignatures, that others don’t allow for.

Dekko file sharing is a great asset for us - a must-have. Providing my clients with end to end security and audit trails is a key identifier. Within our organisation, we do have workarounds, but Dekko file sharing is push button easy to deploy & use.

And endorsed by digital security experts.

Dekko has taken a global lead by perfecting their products through a comprehensive, independent testing program demonstrates clear confidence and commitment to delivering the best practice security products to the market.


Eliminate human error. Make files inaccessible to anyone except their intended recipients inside & outside your organisation.


100% compliance with data residency in the jurisdiction of your choice.


Your data available 24x7 to authorised parties only with a fail-safe combination of 2FA & Zero Knowledge for complete peace of mind.


Nuanced access levels, total control, and detailed audit trails leave you with zero doubt & 100% flexibility & accountability.

Why risk using popular solutions that are NOT as secure as DekkoPro?

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MS Teams

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File Sharing & Storage Tick_Icon_Tangerine_Full Tick_Icon_Charcoal_Full Tick_Icon_Charcoal_Full Tick_Icon_Charcoal_Full
Unlimited File Size Sharing & Storage Tick_Icon_Tangerine_Full




eSignatures, Video Conferencing and Messaging Tick_Icon_Tangerine_Full




No License Required for External Users Tick_Icon_Tangerine_Full Tick_Icon_Charcoal_Full Tick_Icon_Charcoal_Full Tick_Icon_Charcoal_Full
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