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Founded by leading technologists and privacy advocates, DekkoSecure is a proudly Australian owned and operated technology company. We believe everyone has the right to private and secure communication.


World leading security.

Engineered for business by some of the best minds in cybersecurity, we build innovative, intuitive applications that set a new standard in privacy. All Dekko products offer industry-leading end to end encryption, meaning your content can never be altered or accessed.

Security By Design
Seamless Collaboration
Risk Removal
Data Sovereignty

The DekkoSecure Ethos.

True communication security has long been unnecessarily complex to manage. We are revolutionising workflows by creating pioneering technologies that enable organisations to collaborate securely and simply.


One of our high profile government customers replaced 300,000 USB’s with the DekkoVault platform. The overall cost savings, increased productivity and elevated security were impossible to ignore.

Jacqui Nelson, CEO DekkoSecure

Trusted by Australia's Most Security Conscious Organisations.

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