The ultra-secure solution for file sharing and collaboration. 

See how DekkoVault measures up to our competitors. 


*Information correct as of 04/05/2021


Security By Design

DekkoVault uses industry-leading elliptical curve end-to-end encryption to guarantee total security of your data. 


Our products are built with security at their core. Not retrofitted in at later date. 


Store Your Data in the Location of Your Choice

DekkoSecure, an Australian owned company, provides our customers with full data sovereignty. 

With domestic and international data hosting locations, we make it easy for you to stay compliant and secure your data.

You choose where you want your data stored.



Because end-to-end encryption is the ONLY form of encryption to securely lock and encrypt your data for its whole journey it is simply the most secure form of encryption available.

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The Alternatives

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Security as an Afterthought

Our competitors often compromise security for functionality by utilising basic forms of encryption that leave your information vulnerable in the event of a data breach.

Being built for functionality first and retrofitting security later puts your data at risk!

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Store Your Data Overseas

Many of our competitors route and store your data in foreign countries. This means your data is subject to that country’s laws and regulations. In rare cases it can be seized by local officials.

Storing your data internationally may also mean you are not in compliance with your industry regulations.

Standard Encryption

Most of our competitors use AES-128 or 256-bit encryption. While usually sufficient for non-confidential files, it means your data will be decrypted on its journey to the end-user, increasing the risk of a data breach.

If the security of your data is non-negotiable, why take the risk?

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Made in Australia.

Stays in Australia. 

Store your data in Australia, The USA, The Netherlands or India, providing you complete data sovereignty.

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