What is secure by design? And is not using it putting you at risk?

65% of businesses only consider cybersecurity after it’s already too late, reveals the EY 2020 Global Information Security Survey. If you’re a business owner, CISO, or employee how do you make sure your business doesn’t fall into that category? The answer is to put security at the core of your systems, technology and products by adopting security by design principles.

What is secure by design?

Secure by design, or security by design, is an approach to product, system or technology development where security is built as the core product. The secure by design process incorporates security from the inception and continues to make it the top priority as the product or system is being built. It is a proactive, preventative process, minimising security flaws at all times rather than retroactively responding to security threats after they’ve developed.

Why use a secure by design process?

The fast-paced nature of the modern economy means firms and technologies must constantly evolve and change to stay competitive however if security by design principles aren’t built into this mindset it will inevitably lead to vulnerabilities. As these technologies, necessary to stay relevant, become more complex it becomes increasingly difficult to add security retroactively.

The solution to this issue is adopting a security by design approach to the adoption and development of products and systems. When security is at the core of a technology, new features should be built out with security at the ground level of feature development, minimising the risk of security compromises being exposed as the feature set gets built up.

Historically there has been an inclination by firms to build security tools around existing products, using checklists to ensure compliance. However the reality of this approach is, covering for a security weakness is never as secure as eliminating that weakness in the system. This approach has also contributed to the mindset of CISOs as impediments to innovation and change. When CISOs and security teams are constantly ensuring compliance by checking systems and making fixes they will inevitably slow innovation however this can be subverted by allowing CISOs and security teams to adopt technologies with security at their core. This will lessen the workload on security teams in system maintenance and allow them to be free to approach more innovative security solutions that provide the ability for a firm to stay nimble and agile whilst maintaining security.

How DekkoSecure implements security by design.

DekkoSecure was built with a security by design mindset right from the outset. Founded by leading technologists and privacy advocates, the business began making security products and expanding its feature range over time. As the product suite developed, security and our world's first end-to-end encryption technology were always built into the core of our expanding feature set.

The DekkoSecure Team
The Dekko Team

All Dekko products are built around end-to-end encryption, providing world-leading encryption technology to all our communications tools. However Dekko isn’t just an encryption company, we are primarily a security company (and encryption is just one key step in that security process). We also provide additional security features such as data sovereignty, authorisation, authentication and auditability. Furthering this, for a product to be truly secure by design, it cannot simply address technological risks it also has to address the ever-present human risks of the people who use their systems. DekkoSecure reduces human risk through security features such as no misaddressing and running through the browser to ensure there is no risk of missing a software update and exposing a vulnerability.

Another key component to security by design is a commitment to continual testing of systems to identify potential vulnerabilities. DekkoSecure performs this through regular, independent testing by Enex TestLab who verify the legitimacy of our security claims.

DekkoSecure offers a complete product suite of communication and collaboration tools, all built within a security by design framework. To get more information on our products or start a free trial, visit: https://www.dekkosecure.com/.