Are Australia’s vaccine certificates cyber secure?

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Are Australia’s vaccine certificates cyber secure?

What You Need To Know: An Australian developer has shown that the Federal Governments COVID-19 vaccination certificates can be forged in as little as 10 minutes using free software.

Security experts agree the European implementation of vaccine certificates is more secure. The EU utilises a QR code to provide additional authentication, and the technology behind their vaccine passports is peer-reviewed, tested and free.

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United Nations confirms breach by hackers.

What You Need To Know: Hackers were able to gain access to the United Nations infrastructure after purchasing stolen log-in credentials off the dark web. Using these credentials, hackers gathered confidential information from April to August this year.

An important lesson from this story: the breach could have been avoided if the compromised account had enabled two-factor authentication.

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What is two-factor authentication? (2FA)

2FA is a second measure beyond your password to verify your identity. It is a way of proving you are who you claim to be.

Google data shows that 2FA prevents nearly all automated bot and phishing attacks. Click here to see our post on the importance of two-factor authentication.

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