5 Ways DekkoVault Can Save You Time At Work

At Dekko we often hear the grievances of organisations who want to improve their cyber security but feel adding security only adds complexity and confusion to their workload.

Many companies have tried and failed with solutions where security meant adding additional steps to workflows, resulting in low uptake and product dissatisfaction. Thus DekkoSecure products are built with a simple user experience that maintains security whilst saving time. Our goal is to not only make your workflow more secure but also more efficient.

1. Quickly see who you’ve shared a file or folder with:

Can’t remember if you shared that file from last week with someone? The tagging system in the status column shows sharing recipients when you hover over them. If someone is missing, just click the tag and add them to the recipient's list.

2. Use the ‘Shared with me’ tab to filter out files that belong to you:

While the ‘All files’ view in HUBs is useful for gaining an overall look at what you have access to in DekkoVault, working with large volumes of content can sometimes become overwhelming. By selecting the ‘Shared with me’ tab you can hide any files or folders that you own and just see content owned by others that has been sent to you.

3. Use the document list panel to quickly switch between documents in a folder while reviewing files or performing approvals:

Referring between related or linked documents can be frustrating if you can’t easily navigate between them. Using the document list panel in the viewing and approval interface, you can quickly switch between files that are in the same folder, or even contained within sub-folders. If one of these documents requires approval, you can even do that at the same time.

4. See if a recipient has viewed a document:

Waiting for that last document to be approved? The document events column lets you see if a document awaiting approval has been viewed by the recipient. If you see their name listed, you’ll know they’ve started to read it!

5. Enable approval workflows by simultaneously sharing documents and sending them for an approval request:

If a document approval needs to be visible to multiple parties or shared with others once it’s approved you don’t need to manage this manually. Simply fill out the approval request and at the same time, add users to the ‘Shared with’ section. These parties will be able to access the document throughout its lifecycle and see events such as read receipts and approval status. This way, others won’t be asking where the approval is up to and you won’t need to forward it once it’s finished!

For more information about DekkoVault check out: dekkosecure.com/filesharing