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For when security matters.

See how DekkoLynx compares to our competitors. 


*Information correct as of 04/05/2021


Security By Design

Unlike our competition, we design and build our products with the safety and integrity of your data at the forefront.


Our products are built with security at their core. Not retrofitted in at later date. 


Protects Your Data and Communications

DekkoLynx employs end-to-end-encryption to ensure that your confidential conversations always stay private.

Extensive call audit logs and advanced user authorisation guarantee total security. Our users comprise some of the most security-conscious organisations in Australia.

The Alternatives

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Security as an Afterthought

Our competition often compromises security for functionality by utilising basic forms of encryption that leaves your data vulnerable in the event of a breach.

Placing functionality above security means your private video conferencing data is at risk!

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Puts Your Information at Risk

Many popular solutions have a documented history of data breaches and security issues

DekkoLynx users never need to compromise the security of their confidential information.



No credit card required

End-to-end encrypted 
Data sovereignty
• Meet with anyone
• Host up to 30 participants
• 40-minute meetings



/User /Month

No meeting limits

E2E encrypted meetings

• Call Recording
Data sovereignty
• Meet with anyone
• Basic support
• Host up to 30 participants


Small Business


/User /Month

Micro features +

• Enhanced support

• Centralised billing

• Host up to 30 participants




Small business features +

• Corporate single sign-on

• Premium support


/User /Month

Find the right plan.

If you’re a sole trader, small business or a large corporation and you value your private information, we have a pricing plan to fit.

Make the smart call.

Connect in confidence with DekkoLynx— the world’s most secure video conferencing tool ever. Guarantee your business meetings are fully protected and easy to run. Every time.