Welcome to the new look Dekko platform


DekkoVAULT has all of the features you wish your ordinary file sharing service had with military-grade security. Sharing files and working on project folders with your team mates is fast, controllable and traceable.

No file size limits
File and folder collaboration
Granular permissions
Sharing expiry
Sign + approve
Watermark + place images
Multiple approvers
Add comments + notes

With DekkoSIGN you can share documents securely in a view-only format from DekkoVAULT with one or multiple parties with complete peace of mind that no one other than an intended recipient can view or interact with it.


DekkoCHAT is instant messaging for your business and your business only. Discuss the most important business topics in real time in working groups to get the job done faster, securely.

Group conversations
See who's online
Chat while you work
No attachment limit
Read receipts
True revoke

Ever wanted to know if someone’s read that email you sent them? Sent something by mistake? Hit that annoying email attachment limit? DekkoMAIL was built to be email 2.0 – email done the right way.


DekkoHUBs facilitates the isolation of teams and projects for both internal and internal-external workflows. DekkoHUBs are easy to set up and manage on the fly.

Set user visibility
Eliminate misaddressing
Manage internal-external
Set DekkoHUBs policies
Track platform usage
View centralised logs
Tenancy manager

The tenancy management dashboard is a centralised interface where admins can enable controls and analyse usage in a way that makes Dekko a truly powerful offering.

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