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Streamline collaboration, maintain client trust and eliminate the risks of breaches when sharing and collaborating on financial data.

Protect your data. Collaborate seamlessly.

The Problem

Data Sensitivity

Financial services firms carry large volumes of customer, financial and organisational data.


Data protection is required at a regulatory level but beyond that, financial institutions also risk severe, long-term, reputational damage in the event of a data breach. The high black-market value of financial data makes financial organisations up to 300x more likely than other industries to be targetted in a cyber attack.

Data Sharing

Financial data and documents regularly require sharing both inside an organisation and externally.  

Many organisations have historically been forced to choose between cumbersome manual processes like USB's or unsecured digital methods like email, exposing the organisation to greatly increased cyber risk. 

Secure Collaboration

With a drastic increase in the number of employees and organisations working from home, financial organisations need secure solutions to facilitate conversations and workflows that previously had taken place in person. 



The Solution

End-To-End Encrypt Your Data

DekkoSecure's end-to-end encryption means your data is NEVER decrypted on its journey to the end-user, unlike all other forms of encryption which will occasionally decrypt your data as it passes through servers and platforms. This means that your information stays completely unreadable and unusable to hackers, even in the case of a breach.

Enable Secure Sharing and Collaboration

DekkoSecure combines five ultra-secure communication tools on a single end-to-end encrypted web and cloud-based platform.

This means that in a finance environment, all private communication and information that pertains to an organisation or client can be easily stored, shared, collaborated on and maintained in an ultra-secure environment that also guarantees the integrity of the data.

Satisfy Regulatory Requirments 

Dekko's extensive audit logs record every interaction with the platform ensuring a clear chain of custody of all files.

DekkoSecure also satisfies for data sovereignty as all data can be held in Australia, or the jurisdiction of choice.

Reduce IT Infrastructure 

Because DekkoSecure is a cloud-based solution it is easy to use and manage, and it also dramatically reduces the need for IT administration.


Hackers and Malicous Actors

Financial data and records are amongst the most valued data on the dark web, making financial services a significant target for hackers and malicious actors. 

Malicous Insiders

Due to the high value of financial data, malicious actors often pay trusted insiders to release data or provide access to internal systems and servers. Malicious insider attacks are the most expensive form of attack against financial institutions. 

Data Protection

Many organisations focus on perimeter protections like firewalls and anti-virus but data breaches will likely eventually occur regardless. If your data isn't encrypted within these perimeter protections, the impact of the data breach compounds significantly.


Secure External Collaboration

DekkoVault enables secure external collaboration with clients, auditors and other organisations whilst guaranteeing the security of your data.

Satisfy Regulation

Store all your data in Australia and ensure chain of custody of financial documents with Dekko's advanced audit logging capabilities.

Improve Productivity

Dekko's collaboration tools empower your staff to seamlessly collaborate, even when working remotely, whilst maintaining the security of your organisation's data and communications.

Finance Services Threat Landscape

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26% of surveyed financial institutions have suffered a destructive cyber attack (Carbon Black)

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Financial services firms are 300 times more likely than other companies to be targeted by a cyberattack and dealing with those attacks and their aftermath carries a higher cost for banks and wealth managers than any other sector. (Boston Consulting Group)

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Malicious insider attacks were the most expensive, and took the longest to resolve, of any form of attack against the financial services industry. (Accenture)

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Securely share financial documents
Granular user access controls
Easy to use
No software to download

The DekkoVault Toolkit

File Sharing and Storage

End-to-end encrypted file sharing with no size limits

Individualised sharing permissions

Project groups with granular visibility controls

Document Signing and Approval

Instant, confidential document approval 

Comprehensive audit trails

Annotate with text, images, notes and signatures

Video Conferencing

Encrypted HD

video conferencing

No-install web application

Guaranteed meeting privacy

Email and Chat

End-to-end encrypted

Private collaboration & chat

No attachment file size limit

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Trusted by enterprise. Endorsed by experts.

Dekko, an Australian security company, has taken a global lead. Perfecting their products through a comprehensive, independent testing program demonstrates clear confidence and commitment to delivering the best practice security products to the market.”

Matt Tett / Managing Director, Enex TestLab

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