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Ensure client legal privilege, chain of custody and eliminate the risk of breaches when sharing and collaborating.

Protect your data. Collaborate seamlessly.

Legal Industry Threat Landscape

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80% of firms are running at least one service with a well-known vulnerability that could be exploited by hackers. (University of Portsmouth)

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73% of the top 100 law firms in the UK were targetted by attacks in 2016. (PwC)

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The average cost of a data breach in 2020 is $3.8 million. (IBM)

The Problem

The nature of the data that law firms hold, from client information to intellectual property, make them a popular target for hackers and malicious actors.  

However, when firms wish to share and collaborate with external stakeholders they are forced to use a number of standalone, proprietary communication tools (eg USB’s, email, fax, popular file sharing, messaging and video conferencing tools) that may compromise the integrity and security of private and sensitive information being shared internally and externally.

Many popular collaboration tools such as file sharing, digital signatures and video conferencing were simply ignored as there previously had not been a sufficiently secure solution. As a result, productivity has suffered and law firms have lagged behind the curve in digitising workflows. 

Our clients in the legal industry are typically seeking solutions that not only improve their cyber security but also enable them to communicate and collaborate easily in an increasingly digital industry. 



Hackers and Malicous Actors

Medical data and records are amongst the most valued data on the dark web, making healthcare a significant target for hackers and malicious actors. 

The Trusted Insider

The rate of attacks coming from within organisations is increasing. Organised crime and other malicious actors often pay insiders to take data or provide outsiders access to internal systems.

Human Error

Human error accounts for between 40-90% of all data breaches. Manual and legacy systems like fax, USB, couriers and email tend to have a greater propensity for human error. 

The Solution

Dekko comprises four powerful communication tools on one, ultra-secure, web-based platform that is secure by design.

  • File sharing and storage

  • Document approval and digital signatures

  • Video conferencing

  • Email and chat


All data on the platform is end-to-end encrypted which means your data is NEVER decrypted on its journey to the end-user (unlike all other forms of encryption). So even in the case of a data breach, your data will be rendered unreadable and unusable to hackers. 


The platform is easy to use and access, with no need to download software. Plus since it's managed cloud service it greatly reduces IT administration.

Our experience in the legal industry means that we understand your needs, for example, Dekko's comprehensive audit trails guarantees non-repudiation and chain of custody by logging all interactions with the platform.

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Use Case


Secure External Collaboration

Users can effortlessly share and collaborate with colleagues and an unlimited number of external stakeholders in total security.

Reduce Administrative Workload

Dekko helps organisations replace inefficient manual workflow processes, with a simple and highly secure digital solution that increases security, drives efficiency and dramatically reduces cost.

Client and Firm Data Confidentiality 

The use of end-to-end encryption means client and firm data is protected and will remain unreadable and unusable to hackers, even in the event of a breach.

Project Groups

Control users visibility of protected or confidential information whilst working on collaborative projects with granular visibility controls.

Communicate With Clients, Experts and Colleagues

Communicate and collaborate in real-time no matter where they are using end-to-end encrypted video conferencing, email and file sharing.

Digitally Sign and Approve Documents

Securely send medical forms for signatures and approvals with our encrypted document signing tool.

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Secure Your Workflow.

Dekko makes it easy to collaborate securely.

Share and store files, video conference,

digitally-sign and email, all in one easy to use,

ultra-secure platform. 

The DekkoVault Toolkit

File Sharing and Storage

End-to-end encrypted file sharing with no size limits

Individualised sharing permissions

Project groups with granular visibility controls

Document Signing and Approval

Instant, confidential document approval 

Comprehensive audit trails

Annotate with text, images, notes and signatures

Video Conferencing

Encrypted HD

video conferencing

No-install web application

Guaranteed meeting privacy

Email and Chat

End-to-end encrypted

Private collaboration & chat

No attachment file size limit


Trusted by enterprise. Endorsed by experts.

Dekko, an Australian security company, has taken a global lead. Perfecting their products through a comprehensive, independent testing program demonstrates clear confidence and commitment to delivering the best practice security products to the market.”

Matt Tett / Managing Director, Enex TestLab

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