A complete, secure, communication and collaboration solution for local, state and federal government. Agencies that use Dekko have the freedom to share more information and the agility to achieve investigation outcomes much faster.

Dekko saves money on hardware costs by eliminating the use of manual document handling and in-person consultation for sensitive workflows by respecting critical data handling compliance requirements.


Social distancing and regional boundaries might mean in-person meetings aren't always possible - Communicate with experts, witnesses and colleagues in real time to facilitate the most effective and private case preparation environment online.

Your firm can record interactions and share them securely, exceeding the strictest confidentiality obligations, and use the full Dekko feature set to expedite secure document gathering and distribution.

M + A

Guarantee reputation, value and mitigate risk by ensuring your workflow and communications are perfectly segregated. Boards, buyers and professional parties are routinely satisfied by Dekko's industry leading workflow functionality.

Critical documentation can be shared instantly with full audibility for efficient due diligence processes, and remote meetings are delivered in complete privacy for enhanced negotiation experiences regardless of location.


Establish relationships and maintain trust during remote client advisory and professional collaboration sessions with the easiest conferencing solution on the web, all while adhering to modern digital regulatory requirements.

Dekko protects customer's sensitive data and removes reliance on USB's and hard drives for large document collection and transfer. A fully auditable system ensures accountability and flexible sharing workflow features reduce times for client-centric work.

Dekko Industry Applications

Dekko transforms workflows across a multitude of industries, enabling workflows digitally by adhering to and often exceeding the strictest security requirements. Organisations that collaborate internally and externally using Dekko accelerate outcomes and save on costs by eliminating human and technology risks.

DekkoLynx vs. Competitors

DekkoSecure continues to offer industry-first communication solutions offering end-to-end encryption and facilitating business-critical video conferencing functionality.


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