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Dekko transforms and secures workflows across a variety of industries.  

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Mergers &


Guarantee reputation, value and mitigate risk by ensuring your workflow and communications are perfectly segregated.

Critical documentation can be shared instantly with full audibility and remote meetings are delivered in complete privacy for enhanced negotiation experiences regardless of location.

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Establish relationships and maintain trust during remote client advisory and professional collaboration sessions with the easiest conferencing solution on the web, all while adhering to modern digital regulatory requirements.

Dekko protects customer's sensitive personal financial data and removes reliance on USB's and hard drives for large document collection and transfer.


Local, state and federal government agencies that use Dekko have the freedom to share more information and the agility to achieve outcomes faster.

Dekko saves money on hardware costs by eliminating the use of manual document handling and in-person consultation for sensitive workflows whilst meeting the strictest compliance requirements.


Remote work means in-person meetings aren't always possible, so communicate with experts, witnesses and colleagues in real-time.

Your firm can distribute and collect documents, as well as have them digitally signed. All with guaranteed security and advanced audit capabilities.

Why do our customers choose Dekko?

DekkoSecure enables our customers to feel secure knowing that in the event of a cyber attack, their data is rendered unreadable and unusable. Avoiding any disruption to business or reputational damage.

Reduce Your Technology Stack

from 5 to 1

Dekko reduces IT burden by unifying 5 hard to manage tools into 1 risk-free, business-ready platform.

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Built for business.

Connect in confidence with DekkoLynx — the world’s only video conference solution designed for security. Guarantee your business meetings are fully protected and easy to run—day in, day out.

Encrypted HD video conferencing

No-install web application

Guaranteed meeting privacy

Share, store and sign securely with DekkoVault. Ensures total end-to-end security for government and enterprise businesses who demand confidentiality.

Encrypted file sharing with no size limits

Private collaboration & chat

Confidential document signing

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